life update

Wow it’s been a while!! I’ll just give y’all a quick update.:)

First of all, I am currently working at Jimmy Johns as a delivery driver and I am not ashamed! It is the best job ever because I get to drive around in my own car, listening to my own music, people are always happy to see me (hello I am bringing them food) and I get paid for it!

I am attending Salt Lake Community College which is also great because its 5 minutes from my house! It is so fun mostly because I get to sit next to my cute bf during math class;).

I signed my lease last week for my apartment in Orem where I will be attending UVU this fall! I am so stoked to be on my own (for real this time). Ill be not too far from home, but far enough. The best part is I’ll have my very own room! (I NEED my personal space lol)

I somehow scored this hottie too;). We met two years ago through some mutual friends at Jimmy Johns, when he actually ended up working there and we really got to know each other! Funny story.. Last July, Christian, Dallas and I went to cow day at Chick-fil-a for free food! Dallas took a picture of me and Christian eating our food and later showed me that picture and said “you know, you guys would totally make a cute couple” I replied with a short, “no were just friends” well whatta ya know!! Dallas knows me me better than I know myself:) He buys me flowers, listens to me cry, gives me back tickles, makes me laugh, watches cheesy chick flicks with me, goes to target with me, and kisses me on the forehead. What more could you want?!? I’m a lucky girl:)


So thats my life!  Thanks for reading



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