Bakery’s and Bookstores

Yesterday we trekked down to ANOTHER mall (There are like 50 bajillion malls here I swear haha). But this mall was BEAUTIFUL. We hit up a way high class Chinese version of Barnes&Noble. IMG_1670IMG_1679IMG_1680

Sorry to you folks who have seen all these pictures on my Snapchat story.

After that we went to a cute little bakery called “Rizon Bakery”. They let us sample pretty much everything and it was delicious. I got some grapefruit and honey tea that was divine.


I love how they do the whole sealed lid thing here. America needs to invest in more of that.

Then we walked to the Branch President’s house where we had dinner! I have never been so happy to see pasta! It was delicious and felt good to be in an actual house. We squished 13 of us all around a table just like a family. I loved it. IMG_1675IMG_1673

^^This was on our walk to the Branch President’s house. How beautiful! I feel very blessed to be in this part of China.

That’s all for today! Love you all!



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