Saturday night we decided to go to the mall that is about a 1 1/2 miles down the road. It is HUGE. We walked around and looked in a lot of the stores which have surprisingly pretty cute clothes! Every store we went into, the asian workers would follow us around, whisper at each other and point at us. It was actually pretty fun! A lot of people took pictures of us. If we caught them, we would just look and wave and they would get a little embarrassed haha. I feel like a celebrity! We walked past a table with some ladies that were holding little facial pouches. We looked at them and they motioned for us to come sit in their little spa chairs, so we did! It was actually very nice! They leaned over and said “English?” I shook my head no. Then they got out their phones and were typing into translate, then they would hold it up to my ear so a very monotone Siri could say “You have very nice skin and beautiful eyes. How are you feeling? Where are you from?” After, Kylee and me started to pull out our wallets and they wouldn’t let us pay! They said “First time free!” A free facial on a Saturday night woohoo! We really wanted some real american food so we went to Subway. A little bit of a disappointment. It didn’t taste american at all. The chips were american though!

Saturday night I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 2 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was awful! I haven’t slept real sleep in so long and I have been feeling so exhausted, can’t concentrate and don’t really feel happy. But never fear! Church will save the day! We traveled for about an hour, and when we got off the subway, the branch presidents wife, Effie, and her daughter, Morgan, were there to meet us and help us find the building. The place where we met was a house! It was so beautiful inside, and the place we met for sacrament reminded me of the temple. There were about 30-40 people there. Most of them from Utah! There were some from a different ILP group in Chanzhou. It was good to talk to some different ILP volunteers about their experience so far. The thing that was probably the most spiritual thing for me is that the people there actually WANTED to be there. And most people there are away from the rest of their families, so we are all each other’s families!


I can already tell that Effie will be like a mom to us. She said that even though we are here for a short time. They still want us to feel a part of the ward! She invited us over for dinner on Wednesday! Cross our fingers she will cook some good American food for us! After that we went to a place that had some pretty good Lou Mien, dumplings and fried rice! I’m still getting used to the food here. Even though it is Chinese, which I like, it is still cooked a little different.

Last night I actually got a good amount of sleep! 8 hours to be exact, and I can already tell a difference! Pray this week will be good for me! I start teaching on Thursday, and even though I planned out my lessons, whited helped me feel less nervous, I am still pretty nervous!

Love you all!



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