We Made It

We made it here to China!


^^View from our school

Wow! What a crazy start though. Right when we got to the airport, we found out that our flight was delayed, which would cause us to miss our connecting flight. We were able to get  tickets for an earlier flight though that left at 11:49. I said a very quick goodbye to my family so we could get through security. Unfortunately they thought that the jello in all of our carry-on’s were drugs, so we got held up. I was frantically checking my watch, praying we would make it. When we got done it was 11:45, so we RAN. I swear it was just like the movies as we were running as fast as we could, and right when we got there the door clicked shut. We were devastated cause that would mean we would be stuck in San Francisco for 24 hours. We decided we’d make the best of it, and got onto our original flight that left at 12:15. As soon as we landed in San Francisco, Makena got a text that our flight to China was delayed. It was 2:00 and our flight left at 2:15. So we RAN! When we got to the international part of the airport, there was a man there saying, “Shanghai? Shanghai? RUN!” He actually carried my bag for me so I could run faster! (He was holding a walkie-talkie and saying “I got the four! We’re coming!” And what do you know? Dripping sweat, out of breath, thirsty and tired, WE MADE IT! We had a few mean stares from some people, since the whole plane waited for us. When we got to Shanghai, we were looking all over for someone from the school that supposed to pick us up. A man kept bothering us and trying to get us to look at papers, but we just kept brushing him off. Finally Kylee said , “Wait! He has our names on these papers!” We looked at his sign again and it said “Intern ationall laung uagepr ograms”(international language programs”. We had a good laugh about that!

Last night (Friday), the vice principal and two of the teachers at the school took us to dinner where we had eel, octopus, jelly fish, whole shrimp, pork stomach, and dried fish and squid. Very authentic! The teachers were so kind to us and knew we probably wouldn’t like the hot water (Everyone here drinks their water hot). So they ordered us cold Pepsi and Sprite. It was so fun!

I can’t believe I finally made it! I guess I never realized how big of a change this would be, but there are good moments in every day that help me realize why I did this in the first place! I can’t wait to see what more exciting things lay ahead!



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