Yesterday morning Dallas and I went to the farmers market downtown! We probably sampled 50 bajillion things because I was so full after! We also got this cute limeade that was so tasty!

I officially leave in 9 days! I don’t even know what I feel to be honest. I’m excited, nervous, scared, stoked, happy, sad, and about every other emotion in  the human dictionary lol. But I finished buying all the supplies that I will need which is a MIRACLE. Basically its just all in a big pile sitting on my desk now. It’s going to be a struggle fitting it all into a suitcase and having it weigh less than 50 lbs!

This morning was my friend, Isaac Richmond’s,  farewell. He totally KILLED IT! Man it was straight powerful. It made me so sad to think about leaving all of my friends in just a short time. Although I am so happy high school is over, I am so sad to see all of my amazing friends part ways. I think the crappiest part about it is knowing things will never be the same again. But we will press on!! I have so many things to be excited about for the future.

That is all for now my friends



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